On Writing

If you don’t have a habit of writing regularly, there will definitely be inertia. That’s what I’m experiencing. Of course, I’m not talking about writing emails or work reports. I’m talking about articulating your reflections, opinions, and emotions. I’m not one to pen or type my thoughts down in coherent sentences. When I do have things that I have thought deeply about, I tend to verbalise them to my friends.

Nowadays, I find that I haven’t really been thinking deeply about anything. Neither have I been engaging in deeper conversations with my friends regularly. I find myself encountering a little bit of brain fog. And I want to fix that.

Writing is challenging. I tried to type down my thoughts on completing National Service, but I found myself unsatisfied with the coherence and flow of my writing. Now that piece is left hanging, but I think that’s okay.

I’ve grown to be a huge believer in brevity. Write simply. Keep my sentences short. Make my thoughts accessible. And starting today, I shall commit myself to writing short articles, be it book reviews, opinion pieces, or simply a recount of a significant event in my life.

To my friends who have chanced upon this mental space of mine, feel free to comment on my writing, and please ask me out for a cup of coffee to have a chat.



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